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The CSR Tool
Congratulations on using's Multi-Platform CSR Creation Command Generator Tool!

Ok, wow. We definitely need a new name, but you can just call it "The CSR Tool" for now. The CSR Tool helps you to craft the command-line statements needed to generate a CSR and Private Key in many of today's commonly-used web server platforms. You can use the tool to generate commands for openSSL, Exchange, and Java/Tomcat.

To begin, simply fill out the Certificate Details form at the top of this page. If you are unsure what to enter, you can click in the field and an explaination will appear in the Information window. When you are ready, click "Generate" to craft the command statement. Then copy and paste the statements into your command line interface and presto-change-o! You have a new CSR and Private Key (or Java Keystore).

Don't forget to click the "Get your SSL Certificates" link to order your digital security certificates from If you have any questions about the use of The CSR Tool, or about digital security certificates in general, please contact our Live Chat Support at or send us an email at

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